We Specialize is quality swim equipment, specifically used with the Impilo Swimming and Penguins SC Family

Spurt SwimWear

Spurt Swimwear, importers and manufacturers of Quality Swim gear. The whole range of products are not on our system but can all be ordered through us, for more information on the Spurt range please see

Pacer Swimwear

Pacer Swimwear is a proudly South African owned and run company, right here in the midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is also honoured to be a foundation for women in business. Our biggest manufacturing advantage is that we make caps in-house and are the only company to do so throughout the country. With a capacity to make up to 500 caps a day, at a financially competitive price, Pacer Swimwear can help you keep your swimming head in the game at the drop of a hat!

House Brand Equipment

We at Aquasonic source the best quality No Name Brand swim equipment from around the country to ensure you receive the best swimming experience possible.

Sports Supplimention (click here to view our exciting new range)

FiT Sports Supplements are internationally renowned nutritional supplement brand that is literally designed by athletes for athletes and used by top cyclists and other athletically orientated sports persons in SA. The key differential between FiT and other brands is that the products have been designed personally from an endurance competitive athlete, who together is also a cancer survivor. This first hand experience and understanding by Colin Frohlich (original formulator of FiT supplements), of the synergy between the immune system and sport has been incorporated into the product to ensure that long term health is always given the highest priority. In today’s market health conscious people, striving for a balance between fitness and healthy living are seeking products to support their lifestyle while at the same time offering natural benefits. The advanced natural benefits make this product suitable for all age groups, including young children and supports diabetic sufferers. What’s great about FiT is? NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURANTS NO PRESERVATIVES NO COLOURANTS